1960 Time Capsule

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1960 Time Capsule
Vickie Canzenza
Kaplan University

The first of the five items that were found in the 1960 time capsule was a newspaper with “Kennedy Assassinated” on the first page. http://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/from-the-archive-blog/2011/nov/22/jfk-assassination-tragedy-world-archive
Late in his brief term of a thousand days, Kennedy took up the civil rights issue because of the increased in violence in some of the southern states. He called for increased federal power so that voting rights could be enforced. The major civil rights acts included public accommodations opening and an end to job discrimination. (Salem, 2009)
After the Bay of Pigs incident he became “hard line,” by appointing militant anticommunists
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The letter reveals King's strength, knowledge and also to the Bible. The letter gave an eloquent voice to a disorganized movement. (Spark Note, 2005)
On May 2 King addressed a young crowd at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, afterwards they marched downtown, singing "We Shall Overcome,". Nearly a thousand youths were arrested. The next day, more young people came and another march occurred. The situation was overwhelming to Bull Conner, his jails were full and on May 3 his forces blasted the protestors with fire-hoses and also released attack dogs on them. This marked a turning point in Birmingham and also in the Civil Rights Movement. People were outraged, and the Kennedy Administration had to confront the civil rights issues. (Spark Note, 2005)
The protests became so massive and violent that the City decided to negotiate. They set a schedule for the desegregation of lunch counters and other facilities. They also promised to challenge the inequality in hiring practices and to grant immunity to the demonstrators that had been arrested. (Spark Note, 2005) The third item found in the 1960 time capsule was the first televised debate, which was the Nixon Kennedy Debate. http://www.savingjackiek.com/suspects_richard_nixon.html
The first televised Presidential debate was on September 26, 1960 and was watched by over 65-70 million


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