Heather Evans

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What does Heather have to do tocapitalize on opportunity?
Produce designs consumers want
Line up retailers and advertising support
Get items produced and delivered on time
What are advantages of opportunity?
Little capital needed
Good market niche: Unserved,fragmented, and growing
What are key factors forsuccess?
Design sense
Ability to sell retailer design
General management
Ability to manage cash, production,delivery, and quality
What is the upside?
Lots of expansion potential in“niche”
Costs of operations mostly fixed
Don’t need to control --Production--Cutting, Sewing, Shipping,infrastructure built up in industry toallow people to do just what she isdoing.
Low working capital need
Possible risks include:
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A number of things could be contributing to her lack of total interest from investors. She has had up to this point a fragmented schedule and has been a student. One big red flag to investors is when the investee has little or no time to invest in the business. Although Evans had been trying to invest more time into her business than in school, most investors assume that Evans is unable to create a viable business because she is a full time graduate student. In addition some of her decisions could be of concern to investors. Her choice of where to place her business and then changing to a high profile office creates an unstable financial document where rents should be the same month to month. And she hasn’t made much in sales either. I would suggest that Evans concentrate all of her resources and time on making at least a little bit of a profit. This way she could prove that she has the ability to create and run this business. Further these early profits would help her negotiate having more equity since the return on investment could come from sales and revenue rather from an exit strategy.

Most ventures have their bumps and most experience difficulty with the finance process most especially. Credit is unproven and therefore these opportunities for financers usually get put on the back burner. If Evans were to make a profit then that would push her proposal to the top of the pile. Her experience with the private


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