Godrej Chotukool

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Solutions to case study

ANSWER 1.For Chotukool to succeed following factors should be there: (i) Product utility: Channelizing on the ability of product to satisfy the demand of different users like roadside kiosks, wayside grocery stores and flower vendors will help for the success of product in long term.

(ii) Pricing: With price about half of an entry level refrigerator, Chotukool creates a new product category, with a targeted value proposition that serves a new segment of customers.
So, for the product to succeed the target segment must be convinced to pay the price for the product i.e. customers who are aspirational should find the pricing reasonable.

(iii) Promotion
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The rural market opens new avenues to Godrej. It does compete with its existing market range and expands its market to untapped segments.

The simultaneous pursuit does poses the following threats to Godrej: (i) Godrej has a good brand image among the rural masses, if the product being launched in the cooling solutions category fails to deliver customer value it will tarnish their image for other products also. (ii) Pursuing rural market involves setting up of new sales channels and thus involves the complexity of dealing with unforeseen scenarios.

ANSWER 5. Godrej should pursue its strategy for Chotukool in tactful manner since the market being targeted is timid. Innovative advertising and distribution methods are required to attract the customers who are quite different from their existing customer base. The distribution strategy through NGOs and self help groups and making customers part of their sales force by providing them commission for each unit sold will prove to be effective. Promotion at village haats, festival gatherings as well as demonstration drives will attract new customers.

The involvement of local bodies in the distribution model as well as the value delivered to different customers types helping them in their business will establish Godrej’s image as a noble brand.

ANSWER 6. The major challenges that are likely to be faced by Godrej have been listed below: 1. Rural people have less experience in using