Assignment 1 Cs 782

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Assignment 1

CS 782 Fall 2013

Author: Almas Zakat

Date September 23, 2013


Contents 1. Introduction_____________________________________________ 3 2. Business Model_________________________________________ 3 3. Operational Model_______________________________________ 5 4. Business Model_________________________________________ 6 5. Conclusion ____________________________________________ 6


1. Introduction

In order to ensure compatibility (conjugation) and information security, harmonization of existing and emerging government information systems
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3. Team: our current and future achievements are common achievements of all our people constituting the highly-professional, responsible and close-knit team: the team that rationally applies knowledge and technologies, the team that is capable of keeping word and constantly raising the bar, the team in which each member possesses inherent ability to pursue common goals and high inner motivation to achieve the result.
Today the market share is about 60% of the market. Its clients are mostly government agencies. 27% large and middle size companies, 3% small companies. (
One of the Company’s bright performance indicators is the UN's annual rating of global e-Readiness. In that rating, Kazakhstan in 2012 raised from 46thto 38thposition, and the 1st position among Central Asian countries.
Electronic-Participation Index that evaluates the accessibility of laws, rules, and in formation on services, and reflects interaction between citizens and government, and citizens’ participating in decision-making process, Kazakhstan is in the 2nd position.
NIT has established partner relationships with global companies, such as: IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, HP, Adobe, Cisco, Fujitsu-Siemens, Very Sign, and Inter Systems. (

Operational model. Nitec is a national company with the branch in every region (there are 16 regions). It has about 1018 employees. The headquarters are located in the capital city Astana