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Stress Log & Assignment

1) On july 27, 2011 my mother passed away from colon cancer. From that day on I think I was introduced to stress. Before my mom passed I was a free bird. I was a happy person when

certain problems came my way I was able to brush them off and push them to the side, Loosing my mother had changed me in so many ways emotionally and physically. My stress level was high

I was emotional, I'l get upset easily over small things, and I didn't look happy. At times when I looked in mirror I would look in the mirror i would see an permanent angry look on my face. My mom's

passingI felt worthless, I no longer had any hope for anything. I would question
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But i wanted to

be stubborn and ignore it and tell myself i was okay when i knew i wasn't. I felt like it was embarrassing to go see a therapist. Days later i made a doctor's appointment because of chest pains and

headaches i was experiencing. My doctor gave me a stress test and asked a couple of questions and, suggested that i start taking anti- depressants I immediately said "NO!!" There was no way

i'm depending on a medication to ease my stress. From that day on I knew that i need help and i no longer wanted to live like this stressed out everyday of my life. That day I scheduled an appointm-

ent with a therapist. Today, I still see my therapist once a week. She helps me cope, understand, and put everything into perspective. Another way that i cope is to be optimistic and to self talk but in

a positive way it improves my stress level that way if i have negative thoughts i can override them with my positive


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