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CIS 175 Network Consultation Proposal for DesignIT
Kordia Holmes
Robert Cross
CIS 175

DesignIT is a graphic arts company that is expanding business and has recently purchased a new building 56’*36’ space for the purpose of housing two full time designers and a receptionist. The new building has four cubicles, one office, one server room, one reception desk, and a conference room. DesignIT has already relocated one Web Server (Microsoft IIS Server), one File Server (Microsoft Server 2008), and one more Server 2008 (Small Business Server). As a network design consultant, I have been charged with the task of designing and configuring the network for DesignIT. The small company has informed me that the network should
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This connection will come to Web Server in the server room. This will be the access point of the LAN network of DesignIT. The T-1 link from Verizon will connect the company to the internet and can also be utilized to connect the LAN network to another LAN or WAN network in case the company decides to expand business in future. The T-1 link utilizes frame relay which will provide the building with high speed data connection between and among all users. This connection will also enable all computers to receive dedicated connection at a speed that every computer requires. This connection will also be affordable for DesignIT since it is only charged for the resources. It costs an average of $1000 per month. Frame relay is an industry standard technology for accessing fast packet switched, “cloud computing” data networks (Bates, 2000). Through T1 link DesignIT will use frame relay as an interface between data terminal equipment such as routers, switches, and host machines such as servers. This technology will provide connectivity via logical channels or permanent virtual circuit connections which will be deployed over dedicated access facilities and shared on a high performance switching platform. This shared data platform and backbone makes transport more efficient, such that all users will receive better network throughput which is also cost effective. T-1 link technology is an added advantage for DesignIT LAN network since it is flexible to use


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