Netw600 Capstone Paper

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NETW600 Telecommunications Capstone

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Project Background 3 Industry 3 Trends and Projections 4 Competition 5 Strength 5 Weakness 5 Opportunity 5 Threats 5 Problem and Definition 6 Problem 1: Infrastructure 6 Problem 1.1 Cabling 6 Problem 1.2 Disaster Recovery 6 Problem 1.3 Equipment Life Cycles 6 Problem 2: Security 7 Problem 3: No Internal VoIP 7 Problem 4: Inability to Switch to Telecommute Employees 7 Project Overview 8 Goals & Objectives 8 Assumptions 9 Identification of Issues & Requirements 10 Findings and Recommendations 14 Budget Requirements 14 Recommended Approach – Telecommute 14 Alternative Approach 1 – High Availability (On-Site)
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The better the customer experience, the more likely it is that customers will return for future business. Sites such as and are taking huge market shares away from the proposed client, Travel Agency, Inc.
Trends and Projections

The current market is progressing towards a software-based, online business called E-commerce. This is becoming the popular avenue for businesses as it mirrors the ideas of mobility and providing access to internal resources. The sheer amount of data available, coupled with the advanced operating systems and social media platforms are creating new possibilities for the E-commerce experience. The infrastructure of E-commerce has expanded into platforms such as peer-to-peer (P2P), personalized & curated, crowd-sourced, social, and mobile. E-commerce trends are findings ways to incorporate every aspect of our daily lives into an online package that is associated with our everyday needs. (Fishbein, 2013)

Following the reinvention of Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), mainly utilized by airlines, banks, and stores during the late 1960s, the introduction of E-Commerce has progressed towards a global enterprise design that incorporates commerce for web, mobile and the new business-to-customer (B2C) & business-to-business (B2B) models. Such designs are becoming more useful with the ability to manage and provide powerful tools to aid with searching, merchandising, master