Legal Environments of Business

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Legal Environment of Business 1
Chapter 1, question 4
The difference between statutory law and common law is that statutory law is a written law where common laws are based on any prior court decisions and are legal binding. For statutory laws the government, state, and local agencies issue written statutes and regulations which eventually become part of statutory law, as for common law it is prior case decisions and rulings that are followed unless a judge finds a big difference in the between the previous case and current case.
Chapter 2, question 5
The real estate development that Carolyn, Elwood, and Isabella are involved in is a failure. They need to find someone who is familiar with the problems of real estate development in
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The Craft’s due process service was violated because the notice was not given in a sufficient amount of time to contest their utility bill.
Chapter 4, question 11
The legal issue posed in this case is whether a New Hampshire tax law that taxed the income of non-residents working in New Hampshire only is valid. The applicable law that applies to the facts of this case is the privileges and immunities clause which states that a person going into another state is entitled to the same privileges and immunities as the citizens of that state. The privileges and immunities clause states, as part of the U.S. constitution, that any citizens or residents of another state coming within the jurisdiction of another state are guaranteed the same equality of treatment which applies to taxation. Therefore Austin was correct for claiming that the tax law is invalid.
Chapter 5, question 9
The legal issue posed in this case is whether the East Jefferson Hospital had violated the antitrust laws by denying employment to Dr. Hyde. The applicable law that applies to the facts of this case is the tying clause of the Sherman act. The tying arrangement means if you buy one product you must buy another product. In this case the products would be medical services from Jefferson Hospital and the anesthesiologist from Roux. In order for a tying contract to be illegal there must be some sort of denial of service, there was no denial of service being


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