Case Law Offices of Jeter

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Brandy Wayne
Management Practices & Policies
Case: The Law Offices of Jeter, Jackson, Guidry and Boyer
January 20, 2013

The issues that are presented in this case study are not uncommon problems that happen in the working environment. It was clear from the case that the partners in the law firm worked from a style of collaboration and meeting to understand the needs of their employees. However, their growth left them needing someone to take over the day to day, yet important operations of the organization like human resources, and marketing. The partners decided to create a General Operations Manager. The partners hired someone who had a background as a longtime administrator from the insurance industry seeking a final career
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The transformational leader will bring excitement to a company because they have the following qualities charisma, individualized attention, the ability to delegate challenging work to deserving people, keep lines of communication open and provide one-on-one mentoring to develop people. They will also bring the following skills to a vision of where they want to take the problem presented; the ablity to communicate their vision to the all the parties involved, build trust with employees and executives and hold a positive self-regard. A person in this job that is able to be dig into the weeds and find out way to lean out the company processes. They are also able to communicate about the changes being made and why they need to be made. Also the leader must be able to meet their employees where they are and figure out how to grow them as the company grows. A leader is not a stranger to hard work and putting their needs on the back burner. The leadership style I would pick for myself would be a mix of Transformational and Transactional and this person can “achieve set goals by acting within established procedures and standards. This leader assigns specific, well-defined tasks to subordinates and requires that they fulfill their responsibilities and meet standards precisely as prescribed or agreed upon” (Inc). Transactional leadership styles are good at improving processes, setting up rules and regulations and leaning out the resources used by the company. A