health and safety

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BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care



This sequence of activities will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge of health and safety policies and procedures in your workplace. As a health and social care worker, it is important that you are competent in assessing risks and hazards and implementing good practice on health and safety.

These activities assess your knowledge of health and safety. There are different items of legislation that you must know about as well as the policies of your own workplace.

Task 1
This task will enable you to demonstrate that you understand which tasks in your setting carry health and safety risks and how
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But depending on bone a sling maybe helpful to support it until reaching a hospital also placing an ice pack on the bone will reduce swelling and ease pain

Diabetic: first check patients blood glucose levels, for a severe hypo put into recovery position and give a glycogen injection, seek medical help if needed. For a hyper drink suger free fluids or take extra insulin if glucose levels stay high for a long period seek medical help

Sickness: allow small sips of water dont give food untill sickness has stopped when they can tolerate food offer small amounts of toast, banana, rice or apple sauce

Stroke: act F.A.S.T check to see if their face has fallen on one side, if they can hold their arms out in front of them, check to see if their speech is slurred. Then call for emergency assistance

Seizure: if the person is having convulsions make sure they are away from anything that could harm them place cushion under their head, undo any items of clothing round their neck when they have stop convulsing place into recovery


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