Amanda Knox

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9 October 2012
The muder of Meredith Kercher was covered very differently from beginning to end. Media bias was present on both sides of guilty and not guilty. The story was hard to keep straight as information was either left out or presented falsely. News articles presented soon after a story, is useful for awareness of the issue; however, exact details are generally not presented fairly or true fully.
An article written in 2007 was one of the first published after the murder of Meredith Kercher. This article has valid information; however, important details were left out which made Amanda seem guilty. NBC did a respectable job at walking the reader through Merediths murder. They mentioned suspects, cause of death, and interviewed
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It just reflected her beautiful personality” (Murphy Denis). However, another friend told of how often Amanda was trusting of strangers, he said, “She is a bit trusting and overly optimistic. It’s sort of like why shouldn’t I trust that person? . . .” (Murphy Denis). Her friends repeatedly described her as fun loving, energetic, and outgoing, as well as bragging about her moral character. All who knew Amanda were shocked when told that she was a suspect in a murder case. This, however, could not save Amanda from being convicted.
Other quotes from the same article describe the reasons that Meredith and Amanda did not get along. Meredith was constantly fearful of the men that Amanda would bring home. The article stated, “And more worrying was the parade of men Amanda was bringing back to the cottage” (Murphy Denis). This strongly worded quote is very biased, it never states the number of men brought back to the cottage, the word choice used portrayed Amanda as a whore.
One more suspect of the murder was of Rudy Guede, the only one who had no relation to Amanda. Rudy was born in Africa, but had lived in Italy since the age of five. His confession stated that he and Meredith had a date planned for the night, which ended in consensual sex. He claimed that after returning from the bathroom, he heard Meredith screaming, and saw an Italian looking man he had never met before, holding a knife in his left hand. They ended up in a short fight which