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Research Database Assignment Form
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Name: Jeanne McIsaac
Describe briefly your topic of interest (15 possible points):
Evidence proves that breast feeding healthy newborns skin to skin within the first hour of life can have a direct impact on decreasing hypothermia, hypoglycemia and increasing exclusivity then babies dried and swaddled.

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The study was done face to face over the time period to see if there were any independent variables regarding the infant’s age and exclusivity. Topics include things like age, multiparty, gestational age, family support, and those who practiced bed sharing just to name a few.

Explain how the source relates to your topic of interest: This helped my exclusivity portion of my research. Even though it was in a different country, the same variables exist. The study was able to target some of the determinants of exclusive breastfeeding. The baby being in arms length meant bed sharing. The study identified seven factors. The area of residence, maternal ethnicity, employed or not employed, smoking status, parity, familiar support and bed sharing all to be associated with the longevity of exclusivity.

#5 Database (or collection) (30 possible points):
Title of source: Breastfeeding Initiation and Birth Setting Practices: A Review of the Literature

Location of source (URL): www.medscape.com I typed in Exclusive breastfeeding studies and got a list of articles. This


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