Environmental Risk Perception Paper Psy 460

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Environmental Risk Perception Paper
PSY 460

Environmental Risk Perception Paper
The following paper will base on my chosen articles on our climate. I will provide a summary of each article. I will also compare and contrast the risk perceptions that are presented in each article I will identify any environmental stressors that are related to the environmental risk. It will be concluded with a discussion of my own risk perception of the issue. By the end of the paper you will be familiar with different affects that the environment has on us and risks that we take every day just breathing.

Environmental Risk Factors Climate Change
Climate change is it dangerous? This is a question many
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Environmental Stressors
The environmental stressor of climate change have two primary components of this would include (1) temperature elevation with concomitant weather instability and extremes and (2) rising sea-level. These changes may result in the increase of heat waves starting and damaging air pollution, soil moisture would become less, higher weather events for example tornados and hurricans, and coastal inundation (IPCC 1992). More people will have health effects this can include heat related strokes; (2) infectious diseases, this means being beaten by an insect; (3) people will become ill because if food shortage; and (4) because of weather disasters there will be no where for people to live so people will live in streets and public places and this will cause sicknesses to rise because of unhealthy conditions.
It seems that the ozone layer is depleting and this is causing many health issues to humans. The direct health impacts from ozone depletion, which leads to increased UV radiation, include cancer, asthma many health hazards.

In conclusion I must say my own perception on environmental risk perception to climate change is very dangerous. It makes me think that some day we