Manicure: Wrist and Nail

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1. Contents page 2. Task A Positioning if the therapist and the client during the treatment Carrying out a nail and skin analysis 3. Using the correct products, tools, equipment and techniques 4. Completing client records correctly Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client 5. Task B Prevent 6. Restrict 7. Task C Functions of the skin 8. Function of the blood Function of the lymphatic system Function of the bones 9. Action of the muscles of lower arm and hand 10. Nail diagram 11. Skin diagram
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A record card should contain the following information: * clients personal details * doctors name and telephone number * any medical details * list to check for contra-indications * treatment plan on which to base future treatments * services, specific products used and retail sales * clients signature (parent or guardian signature if client is a minor) * nail, skin and cuticle analysis details including the nail shape * treatment aims and outcomes * required nail shape * enamel choice

5.Completing the treatment to the satisfaction of the client
Is very important because if you don’t complete treatment to the clients satisfaction you may lose your client as she/he wont be happy. You have to follow clients requirements also stick to the things you listed on a consultation form. To improve clients skin, nail, cuticle condition. That’s what client is expecting to have as an outcome result. If you will complete the treatment to the clients satisfaction and client will be happy with outcome you can be more than sure that this client will stay with you and will tell others that you are a good nail technician.

Task B

Prevent | Description | Fungal 1.