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Your company manufactures and sells an electronic consumer durable product. This is a DOMESTIC ROBOT of (more or less) human appearance, which is designed to carry out a wide range of domestic chores. The machine looks like this:

The machine is made of light alloy and is equipped with sensory apparatus (a form of radar) to enable it to move around without bumping into things. It is programmable through a keyboard andthe hypercard storage systemm underneath the panel in the chest. Suchprogramss enable the machine to walk, move its hands and arms and perform other movement. It has recently been equipped with 'voice programming' (i.e., it
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9. The major component modules are then bolted to the back of the body in the following order: a. Battery b. Ceramic electric motor c. Set of printed circuit boards d. Memory storage cards

Assembly is done mainly by semi-skilled workers using power tools.

10. The radar vision, gyroscopic balance system and audio recognition systems are bolted to the rear of the head.
11. Arms and legs are assembled with joints and fibre optic cabling and then their fronts and backs are joined using high technology adhesives.
12. The fronts of the head and body are bolted to the backs again using automated tools and high technology adhesives.


Fronts and backs of the various cases are joined using high technology cured epoxy adhesives. The operator, or 'applicators' receive casing halves along the assembly line. They then spread the adhesive mixture along the contact surfaces using a special injector or 'gun'. The major joints are made by robot applicators but certain small and inaccessible areas have to be made by hand. Cases are joined after all their components have been fixed within them. The complete heads, bodies, arms and legs are then moved to final assembly where other people make any necessary tests for water and air integrity, and smoothness of fit.

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