Germany Before 1848

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Before 1848 Germany DBQ The political, economical, and social order of the Germanic states in the nineteenth century was in a state of chaos and disarray. Politically, the states had the desire of becoming unified and had the possibility to do so if it had not been for fear and neglect to follow through. Economically, the states were in a time of hardships with poor growth development in the fields and were also going through the time of the Industrial Revolution with changes to their everyday lives. Socially, the Germanic states were divided into a feudal system that was determined by birth status and wealth. The middle class, made up of scholars and students, and aristocracy had shared the same fear of the commoners’ revolt due …show more content…
7). The aristocracy found this to be an issue that was to be fixed by the king, for it was his responsibility. However, they still believed everyone should be in high spirits and have good attitudes, because if the economy is weak but the public is strong it depicts overall power of the states (doc. 10). Aristocracy was socially towards the top of the feudal system and looked down on all others below.
The lower class was surviving in anger towards the governmental state before the revolutions in 1848. They were experiencing many struggles in which made it difficult for survival without necessary changes of the king. The commoners were emotionally a wreck and the economy was so poor that they would potentially do anything for food alone. During the bread distribution in Stettin in 1847, lower class citizens were tumbling over one another, pushing and fighting just to get a piece or loaf of bread to feed their families (doc. 9) which simply goes to show lack of organization and a deeper need for change in order to provide these citizens better economic stature. Socially, the commoners were miserable at the bottom of the social classes with little possessions and higher prices. Some people revolted and others wrote down their anger as seen through a hateful pamphlet in disgust of the work of the princes and governmental confidence to make changes (doc. 11) found in 1847. The lower class revolted in anger of the


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