The Civil Injunction Process

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The Civil Injunction Process

The Civil Injunction Process

The following scenario presents key players in any law enforcement agency, possible dialogs, inter-agency politics, and concerns when change is proposed. The facts come from an actual experience in Redondo Beach, California. This study is about using the "Civil Injunction Process" against street gangs.

I believe that the North Side Protectors gang was allowed to continue with their roles and delinquency in the community of Rio Sellas for so long because the Police Department didn’t file a civil injunction order against the gang members sooner. In the past the police department didn’t put their
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All they have to do is bring proof or facts into the court and the Temporary Restraining Order can be dismissed. If families in the community feel that crime is getting worst or the gang members are getting back at families in their neighborhood because of the Temporary Restraining Order then they will most likely fight the Justice Department to dismiss it and favor the gang no matter if crimes goes back the way it was in their streets as long as their family doesn’t get hurt. Gang members can use this as intimidation against families around their communities. Other ways of dealing with these gangs is to show them more police force around them. Letting them know they are being targeted or watch by law enforcement. Raid them as much as they can once they have concrete evidence of criminal acts being accomplished. This will finally force them to move and even force some members to waken up and say this isn’t for me since I’m going to end up in jail or dead. Also by trying to get at the young members that still can have a life out of the gang you can cripple the future of the gang’s new members. Get them away from the gang and employed them in sports or any activity that would keep them off the streets to focus on a positive path in


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