Jesus and Buddha

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I chose two religious figures, Buddha and Jesus who had religious experiences and became well known as the founders of their religion. The reason I chose these two people is because Jesus is a well known figure of Christianity and I wanted to compare it to a religion that is more known in the Eastern culture, which is Buddhism.
Jesus Christ was born to Joseph and Mary born in a manger and was first discovered by some wise men traveling through the dessert. His childhood consisted of growing in the town of Nazareth where he was baptized at the age of 30. Shortly after being baptized, Jesus was led into the dessert by God where he fasted for forty days. While fasting, the devil tried to tempt Jesus 3 times, but he did not give in to
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Buddha lived on to be 80 years old and his disciplines, along with many other people, carry on the practices of Buddhism today.
So after reading about the two different religions, it almost makes me wonder if they are even at all different. Buddha and Jesus both became founders of a world religion that is still practiced today. They believed in different things, but both Siddhartha and Jesus accomplished great things. Siddhartha wanted to achieve enlightenment through meditation and prayer. Jesus went into the dessert and fasted for 40 days to better become one with God. After achieving their goals both of them went around the town and become teachers to help other people better understand true happiness. They encountered complications along the way, Buddha having Mara try and distract him and Jesus had the devil tempt him, but that didn’t stop them from believing in what they did. They wanted to change the world and make it a better place. Even today both Buddhism and Christianity are still practiced through out the world. Christians celebrate holidays of Jesus’ birthday, death and resurrection. Buddhist pray and meditate for hours to achieve happiness. Although the religions are separate, in a way, all religions have a based concept of becoming one with God, whoever you believe in as God.

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