Timeless Work: an Analysis of Marvin Gaye

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Timeless Work: An Analysis of Marvin Gaye Marvin Gaye grew up surrounded by the art of music. Born in the nations capital on April 2, 1939, Gaye’s ageless sounds and intriguing vocals still influence the world today. Gaye’s father, a minister in the Apostolic Church, played a foremost role in Marvin’s musical education. In fact, most of Marvin’s inspiration for religious topics came from the church music he grew up singing. Through the art of song, musical icon Marvin Gaye uses pathos, symbolism, and imagery with an objective to connect to listeners on tremendously personal levels. Marvin Gaye’s first hit “What’s Going On?” makes use of symbolism in his general topic covering the agonizing conditions of the everlasting matter …show more content…

Gaye also symbolizes that the permanent environmental damage caused by man can result in serious economic repercussions like factories being disrupted due to lack of clean seawater, boat and gear damage to fisherman, and a suffering fish industry due to ban of their distribution. Today’s society faces Global Warming and lack of natural recourses. Although, thanks to environmentalist, Marvin Gaye, citizens have begun to take giant leap in order to preserve and maintain a healthy home. To quote from Gaye’s song inner city blues: “yea, it makes me wanna holler”.(Gaye) These inspiring lyrics touch the hearts of all people from the 1960’s to present day . Using major issues of the 1960’s, Gaye covers topics of poverty and government corruption that still applies to the most recent generation. In this current economic bottom and stock market collapse, poverty has reached an all time high with inadequate government funds fueling it. These present day issues go hand–in-hand with Gaye’s “Inner City Blues”. Gaye uses hyperbole to exaggerate and emphasize for a more dramatic effect that creates a deeper connection to the listeners. Gaye also attempts to evoke strong feelings and create a strong impression without being too literal. The hyperbole in Gaye’s “Inner City Blues” can be demonstrated in the quote “bills pile up sky high”(Gaye).Gaye reflects on the fact that in reality you have to work for a living to