World Civilizations Ii

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World Civilizations II
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World Civilizations II
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How could rational thought and technological development have affected the world’s development in the modern age and the development to where we are today?

The Purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how rational thought and technological advancement was the driving force behind the Modern Age. The reader will have some understanding as to how rational thought opened up minds to a new way of thinking that would lead the way for individuals to question society, religion, and government. This paper will also include technological advancements that helped to spread the thoughts of intellectuals and philosophers. By the end of this paper
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Without the rational thought that was provided by the Enlightenment people were subjected by the old ways of the monarchies that ruled over Europe as well as the unquestionable Catholic Church. The Enlightenment allowed for people to see for the first time an independent view that would give them a reason to question their government as well as their religion. Technological development would also boost the economies of Europe creating a new class for the common man to fit into that was not there before the revolution that was brought by the increase of technological discoveries.
How did the evolution of this subject in the Modern Age affect the different civilizations of the world? The development of new technologies allowed for Europe to start its conquest toward imperialism and the colonizing of the Americas as well as India. With colonization brought the integration of societies like China, India and the Americas to Europeans. The colonization of the Americas brought about the formation of the United States that would later become one of the most powerful countries in the world. Gunpowder played an extremely large role in the world. Gunpowder allowed the countries of Europe to become an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with on and off


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