Workplace Ethics

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Assignment 2: Workplace Ethics
Danielle Davis
Professor Kenneth A. Pino
BUS 309: Business Ethics

Abstract Regardless of your occupation, employees have the right to privacy. Case 9.1: Unprofessional Conduct shows how Pettit privacy was violated. Pettit was a teacher of many years and never had a bad evaluation of her work. What she did outside of work was labeled unprofessional by the Board of Education and they chose to fire her because they believed she was unfit to teach. I disagree with them completely and they did violate her privacy.

Business Ethics is defined as “the study of what constitutes right and wrong (or good and bad) human conduct in a business context” (Shaw, 2014, p. 4). Based off this definition, I believed
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What teachers do outside of the classroom should not be a concern. If a teacher is pushing their beliefs on the students or if they’re personal life is interfering with work, then that would definitely be a problem and the Board of Education can ask some personal questions. Otherwise, what teachers do outside the classroom should not be anyone’s business. In Pettit’s case, she was a dedicated teacher who did not bring her personal life in the classroom (Shaw, 2014, p. 342). She had nothing but good performances reviews at work and her sexual lifestyles out of work should have been anyone’s concern except for herself. If teachers had negative performances inside the classroom, then I think their moral standards outside the classroom can be addressed but for Pettit there was not an issue. Many behaviors can show unprofessionalism or prove immoral for a teacher. I believe gossiping is a big issue in today’s society and it definitely is unprofessional. Today there are many people, including teachers that gossip. Teachers should not talk about the students in their class, their co-workers, nor the parents of the students. Another unprofessional behavior includes sharing information that is confidential. Teachers should respect their students information and to not share it with others. Sharing confidential information is unprofessional and is a violation of a business. Being late many times or missing many days is also unprofessional. How can students


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