Week 5 Psy/322

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Case Study Analysis
March 11, 2011

Japan to Apple’s iPhone
The Apple iPhone did not make as big of a splash in Japan as Apple’s had hoped it would. The projection to sell a million iPhones in Japan unraveled and sales were very low. People of Japan were already aware of cell phones with a 3G network, which the faster network had been around for several years, much longer than the United States. A few problems that Japan had with the Apple iPhone were the touch screens, the iPhone were not as advanced as what they could already get in Japan, and the iPhone could not purchase train passes as the other phones did. “Emoji”, clip art that is used to create a more interesting and creative e-mail was also an application that Apple
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Mickey and Shark Fin Soup
Shark fin soup is a popular soup item of Chinese culture that is usually served at big events such as weddings and banquets. This soup is considered a luxury item and the soup may cost up to $150 dollars a bowl. The soup originally came from the Ming Dynasty many years ago and is an important part of the celebrations. When Disney wanted to serve the soup to the guests that were going to have their wedding at Disney Hong Kong, advocates came out to protest serving the soup. There is an international concern over the sustainability and welfare of the sharks that will be used to make the delicacy. There is also concern that because the cost for the soup is so high there will be a higher demand for the soup. If the soup is in such high demand them the environmentalist have concern the sharks will become endangered.
The Disney Company was trying to reach out to the people of Hong Kong and show an appreciation for the culture of their country. Disney wanted to offer the same items that other companies could offer to the people of Hong Kong. If Disney does not offer the Shark Fin Soup then the customers approaching Disney for their wedding will go somewhere else to receive the goods and service they want for the celebration. With the guidelines that Disney would have strict guidelines being such a large corporation, they would not be smuggling in sharks to create the soup.
Disney chose not to serve the shark fin