Champagne Study in Uk Market (Marketing Plan)

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Marketing in Context: Wine
Group 15: Matthias Suttner, Johanna Stenmark, Swati Mahajan, Sam Sin & Saunders Shen

Jean Pernet Champagne

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Current Situation of Champagne in the United Kingdom 4 Company Anlaysis 4 Current Situation of Jean Pernet 4 Strength 5 Weakness 5 Competitor Analysis 5 Target Segmentation 6 Product 6 Champagne 6 Jean Pernet Limited Edition 7 Champagne Booster 7 Price 7 Jean Pernet Champagne 8 Jean Pernet Champagne Limited Edition 9 Champagne Booster 9 Distribution 10 Evaluation of learning experience 12 Appendix 13 Organisation schedule for The Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne 13 Figure 1.0 13 Figure 1.2 14 Figure 1.3 16
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Also the company has a very evolved channel of distribution in France as well as other nations.
Jean Pernet, even after winning awards and medals, is not that much recognized in the market as it should be. So the company is definitely not promoted well. Also, the company has a very minimal presence online which is very bad in today’s era when most of its competitors have a good presence on the web. Also, it can be considered that the company is small and not very well equipped. Moreover, there is no mention of plans for new products, investments as being done by other companies. The other companies are bringing in new varieties of the drink to sustain the market trends. Since there is no mention of any such plans for this company, we can assume that there is none.
Competitor Analysis

A number of trends spotted in the UK market lately include a decline in alcohol consumption and a shift from Champagne consumption towards other sparkling wine (See figure 1.3).
The decline in alcohol consumption could be explained due to the fact that consumers realise what alcohol can do to your health and therefore, they choose not to consume it. An increasing part of the population that doesn’t drink alcohol for religious reasons could also be a reason for the decline in alcohol consumption.

When it


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