Marketing - the Champagne Market

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The purpose of this report is to show how's the level for the Champagne Market in the UK in 2010. In the report are covered the Micro Environmental Factor, the Macro Environmental Factors and the Marketing Mix. The main source is the MINTEL Report about Champagne and Sparkling wines from February 2010.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

2. Micro Environmental Factors 3. Macro Environmental Factors 4. Marketing Mix 5. Conclusion 6. References

1. Introduction
In the MINTEL report from February 2010 about Champagne and sparkling wine we find out that the UK Champagne market has seen a sharp decline in 2009, the economic downturn being a prime factor that caused it. However,
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The decline of overall alcohol consumption has meant that all other drink types have seen a decline in the proportion of UK drinkers.

3.2 Political From 2008 the government has focused on a strategy of heavy duty increases on alcohol as a whole, as it seeks to cut the cost to the economy – and in particular the NHS – of alcohol-related illness and injuries. The euro came at a bad time for the Champagne suppliers making the prices go up when the retailers were trying to give the consumers the best possible deals.


3.3 Technological The making of the Champagne is a very precise process. The Champagne is realized from sparkling wine by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of the wine to affect carbonation. Because of this the quality is really high and the technology can't be used when producing it therefore the services can't be cheaper and so neither the price. 3.4 Societal/Green In 2009 a report showed that even though people were drinking less volume, alcohol content has become higher in the past few decades meaning that every litter that you drink has more alcohol units than it used to have 20/30 years ago. A mandatory code on alcohol is currently being drawn up and is likely to come into force in 2011. The code will seek to give the councils more power so that they will have the right to deny licenses to irresponsible pubs and also to stop some of the promotions that might encourage binge drinking.
But unlike


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