Why Is It Important to Follow Directions?

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I think it is important to follow directions because if people didn’t follow directions we would have a lot of CHAOS in our world!!! The reason why we would have chaos is because kids would do drugs, have kids at REALLY young ages and there would probably be more homeless people. I think it is important to follow directions because for instance you could be walking across the street (say there’s no speed limit, red lights/stop signs or anything like that) you would obviously get hit by a car and most likely end up in the hospital or be dead on the spot. That’s why there are traffic rules that should be followed.
Another reason following rules is important is if there were to be a man with a weapon at school. If a little kid didn’t pay
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More than the common signs, rules are often put on boards in a classroom or in a work office that you are expected to read and to follow, without being told.
There are also unspoken rules. When you walk into a house late at night, you know to tiptoe. No one has to tell you to tiptoe or have a sign up telling you to tip toe – you just know it. You also know that you are supposed to chew with your mouth closed and eat with a fork and knife, and not wipe your hands on your shirt or your pants. You also make your bed every day and keep your room clean because other people do. You know that food goes into a refrigerator to stay cold – not because you had to read it on the label. You know how to brush your teeth every day, take showers, and change your clothes before bed and before school. You know that you need a key to open a locked door and that the door stays closed (especially when you have animals). You also know to be polite in front of others, like not burping or farting in public places, like in Afghanistan. You know to put shoes on when you go outside. You know what clothes to wear, depending on the weather outside, and that you need to put on a bathing suit for swimming. You know that you cannot breathe underwater. These are just common sense. You also know to ask questions when you need


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