Whole Foods Market: Will There Be Enough Organic Food to Satisfy the Growing Demand?

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Unit 5: Whole Foods Market: Will There Be Enough Organic Food to Satisfy the Growing Demand?
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MT 460 Management Policy and Strategy
Tosha Collins
Dr. K. Peterson
Whole Foods, founded by John Mackey, is one of the largest natural food grocery chains that is trying to bring a more organic and natural way of buying and consuming foods to its consumer base. In order to provide this to consumers, it is important that Whole Foods continues to grow in the organic food market. As they grow, there needs to be continuous supply for the demand for organic food.
Synopsis of the Situation
Whole Foods entered the industry hitting the ground running, making a name for them
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In doing so, they may increase the growth rate and reach their targeted 12 billion in revenue in their financial operations. Though Whole Foods owners cannot control the supply of organic food from suppliers, they can make sure that they provide outstanding service and quality to their consumers and a work environment for their staff that is superior compared to others. If Whole Foods stays true to their mission, there will be no doubt that they will be able to continue expanding whether it is through merging, acquisitions, or just opening new locations. The demand for organic and natural food is increasing as individuals continue to educate themselves on how such foods help them and their family’s lifestyle.
To ensure that Whole Foods continues to grow, the company has implemented using marketing tools in certain locations to sell different organic products that are less in price. They continue with their charitable contributions, which help spread word of mouth, thus getting more individuals in their store. By acquiring other companies and merging it also helps with the growth that Whole Foods is trying to maintain.
If Whole Foods Market wants to continue to grow and reach their 12 billion dollar revenue with its 300 plus stores, they must continue to provide quality products to their customers and a quality work environment for their employees. Consumers stay loyal to brands if the company


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