Medisys Corp Case

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MediSys planned a launch of IntensCare which is a new remote monitoring system for the use in hospitals’ intense care units. This is a major launch for the company because it is a $20.5 million investment which is the largest investment for the company. MediSys Corporation is facing many external problems along with experiencing problems internally trying to finish the product by the set deadline. The company is having many issues. The issues consist of dealing with the software development, failure to communicate effectively, and lack of motivating factors. The first problem to be identified is the cross functional teams’ inability to communicate effectively. The purpose of a cross functional team is to put people with different …show more content…

There is really no need for Dipesh to be in India if the team can’t find any solutions for the legal issues and the modular design for the project. The con to this alternative is the opportunity cost for Dipesh to work with the software contractors. The pros to hiring a consulting company to help resolve the debate over the module design is it will settle all the conflict within the cross-functional teams and allow the project to progress to the next step. This will allow the project to be launched on time. The cons to this alternative are it will be costly to the company and their sensitive information will be exposed for the consulting company to use it for their competitors. I recommend the second alternative which is to bring Depish from India and add incentives for performance. To implement this recommendation first fly Depish back to the corporate office. Depish can communicate with the software contractors via Skype which will still allow him to work with them closely. Also, this will cut costs for the company because they will no longer have to pay for his expenses in India. Second, add incentives to teams for performing which will motivate them to work together cross-functionally and motivate them to come up with innovative