What is child poverty, its causes and impacts?

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What is child poverty, its causes and impacts?
The word poverty means being poor. This means luck of capital in both income and wealth. However they also suffer from education and good health. Families and groups in the population can be said to be in poverty. However people who are in poverty will have fewer opportunities like others and less chance to participate in the community. Therefore we help those children by fundraising, to transform UK’S more vulnerable children. There are certain people who live in poverty these are, families and children alone parents, also people with disability problem. (Barnado’s, 2012) online There are much causation why people are poor because they lack both income and wealth, and lack human
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(BBC- What you can do2012)
Everyone should make request to end child poverty so every child should have a fair chance in life to reach full potential. So if everyone makes some donate it would save a thousand people life, also by fundraising so everyone would know what we are doing and what is it for. However taking part in campaign would make it more realistic and becoming a member in a team so you know what we are doing. And connecting with facebook and twitter so the whole world wide would know and help us. ( BBC end child poverty 2012)
So how should we end child poverty, well we should have a good clear political mind to tackle the problem, and then we should translate this into action sop it will work very quickly. It is really hard to say that the target to end child poverty by 2020. It is really impossible to see how child poverty could fall by next 10 years without any changes to labour market. However we should have conference and events so it would make a séance on what we need to do, to prevent from child poverty and providing up to date information ,to help both advisor and their clients survive and the impact of child poverty. Also we should know that child poverty reduced dramatically. This reduction is credited in large part to measure the level of alone parent and a significant of benefit is paid to families and children. And we now should understand why


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