Sustainability and Organic Foods

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Sustainability and Organic Foods

People nowadays are getting into the “go green” lifestyle while others continue to live without thinking about the effects they have on the environment. Why do people go green? It can save you money, it is the right thing to do, it is healthier because there are less toxins and less illness, it is helping future generations, and it is a chance to connect with the local community and spread the word. To go along with this lifestyle and its benefits, catering companies are pushing to become more environmentally sustainable and have more local and organic food options. Although everyone is experiencing this push, it can be easier or more difficult depending on the position each caterer is in currently.
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If society is looking for healthier options from eco friendly companies, then to keep up with the competition everyone is forced to provide customers with that. It is important to give people what they want and what they will be happy with which is why when you make an expensive change it can still be worth it after time. From a marketing standpoint I would try to promote the changes I have made to my new target audiences. Those who are very into organic and fresh foods are those who most likely live a healthier lifestyle in other ways too. I could market my catering business by having advertisements in gyms, grocery stores, organic grocery stores, and many more places. Partnering up with a local business would help to advertise my company as well as help raise awareness of local and organic foods. I believe it is very important for on-premise caterers to work towards sustainability and healthier food options because people are looking to support companies who do this. People respect being environmentally sustainable because it affects them directly and everyone cares about the environment but they care even more about the local and organic foods. There has been much research done on why organic foods are healthier and many people know that they are free of chemicals and toxins and are higher in nutrients. Everyone wants to live as long as they can and the main two factors


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