Hcs 320 Communication and Crisis

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Communication and Crisis
Health Care Communication Strategies
HCS 320
April 14, 2013

Communication and Crisis Today our community is presented with a problem that will require communication between several internal and external avenues to help resolve the water contamination in the Eugene-Springfield area. I am Shellie Cobbs, Director of the Regional Emergency Management Office, and I will be addressing the media on the procedures to be used in running the crisis communication efforts in response to the contaminated water. A water contamination event poses a unique opportunity to work with diverse populations to effectively convey important health messages ("Contamination," 2008, p. 1).

Individuals communicating during the
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1).The advantage during Hurricane Katrina is the accessibility of information through cell phones. Even though distribution through the television is the most common method of communication, more people have cell phones and internet access through their cell phones. This gives additional avenues to communicate crisis information. During our current water contamination crisis, here in the Eugene-Springfield area we have the advantage of using established communication methods like the television and radio. In addition, utilization of the reverse telephone notification is in effect. Messages have been called out to warn of the water contamination and the steps that need to be followed in the coming days. Using social media will make the information available worldwide in a matter of seconds. Immediate availability allows distant relatives to keep up-to-date and see posts from people to see how they are affected by our current water crisis. Updates to the social media sites are critical and made immediately necessary.

Media opportunities during the crisis Any opportunity that is given to spread the communication about the water contamination event will be used. A crisis response team will help create the most effective avenues to distribute the information needed to access clean water and other resources until the crisis has been averted.