Psychotherapy and A. Superiority B.

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Quiz 5 Study Guide
1. Private logic includes which of the following:
a. lifestyle goals,
b. hidden reasons,
c. immediate goals.
d. All of the above *

2. Adler believed that problems that come to therapy are related to:
a. Career, love relationships and friendships
b. Attention, power, inadequacy*
c. Career, sex, and power
d. Revenge, career, relationships

3. Adler believed people need to be educated to value and exhibit:
a. superiority
b. social interest *
c. achievement
d. career competency

4. Adler’s concept of style of life refers to:
a. A person’s picture album
b. The way a person meets personal needs
c. The direction in which the person is moving *
d. The family constellation

5. Which of the
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punishment is related to the behavior, while logical consequences are related to moral judgments.
b. punishment focuses on the here and now while logical consequences deal with the past.
c. their descriptive terminology is different even though both are basically the same.
d. punishment is related to the power of personal authority; logical consequences are related to social reality. * 16) Adlerian psychologists base their system on:
a.a. the will to become all that one can become.
a.b. the will to meaning.
a.c. the will to power. *
a.d. the will to pleasure. 17) When the concepts of natural and logical consequences are applied, people are:
a.a. allowed to experience the actual results of their behavior
a.b. given a reward on a fixed interval schedule
a.c. allowed to make decisions on the type of punishment to be used *
a.d. reinforced on a variable ratio schedule 18) Which person specifically stated that even psychotic and neurotic mothers can be trained to be better mothers?
a.a. Berne
a.b. Dreikurs *
a.c. Satir
a.d. Wolpe 19) According to Dreikurs, misbehavior has all of the following goals except:
a. status.
b. understanding. *
c. power.
d. control. 20) Which theorist believes that one must learn about goals in order to understand behavior?
a.a. Wolpe
a.b. Satir
a.c. Dreikurs *
a.d. Berne

21) Developmentally, Adler specified which of the following responses as


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