Ulcer Bug

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Ulcer bug
Eric Wichman
BIOSCI 202 - 401
February, 5th 2013

Case Studies in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Ulcer Bug Case Resolution Template

1) This case study focuses on the process of scientific inquiry. How did the researchers use this process to learn about gastric ulcer disease, its causes, and its treatments?
Answer: The process started with the observation of Dr. Barry Marshall’s observation of his patients going through antibiotic therapy for non-related ailments. Dr Marshall then hypothesized that helicobacter pylori was the causation of peptic ulcer disease and not the end byproduct of inflammations. The researchers then used research and study of inflamed stomach mucosa through a period of antibiotic regimen to
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Answer: The information about this case I found the most informative in comparison with the original hypothesis is the bug itself is still prevalent in today’s society even after all our medical advance. The testing and treatment have gotten better but still this “ulcer bug” affects many in our population. Granted the testing has seen significant improvements at the early stages of diagnosing the gastritis the second most comparative issue was the need for endoscopy for biopsy.

6) What findings or information are inconclusive or in conflict with the information in 2?
Answer: The inconclusive findings were a proper full treatment and whether the ailments differ between genders or age. The other findings on the original experiment on whether the bacterium caused the gastritis not the gastritis casing the bacteria is entirely conclusive. This in the end was the absolute purpose for the experiment.

7) If your proposed resolution of the case is correct, what other observations might we expect to find in this case? Answer: In the end a significant decrease in the effects of the gastritis on the patients after a proper protocol is achieved. The main observation also would entail the patients who present with the symptoms of the ulcer bug would have long term effects from the gastritis leading to a cancer or other digestive related issues. If the diagnosis is made early enough in the treatment the secondary ailments