St. Thomas Aquinas

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Owen Zimmermann 11-20-11
Mrs.Donofree Rel. Pd. B
St. Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas Aquinas was a philosopher, theologian, Doctor of the Catholic Church, and is the patron saint of Catholic Universities, colleges, and schools. He was born in Rocca Secca, Italy, in 1225 and was born into a wealthy family. He even was related to the kings of Aragon, Castile, and France. His journey into Catholic beliefs seemed predestined, for he was told when he was a young child that he would become a friar and no one would be equal to him. He started his questioning of faith and religion when he was a youngster, frequently asking his teachers, “What is God?” Saint Thomas was a panentheist, meaning that he arrives through logical argument at
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Everything from a slug to dirt to man were created and perfected by God into whatever He pleased. He created physical laws such as gravity and water pressure, and we are merely living in the world that He has created. Saint Thomas Aquinas was a brilliant man with an incredible education and faith in God unequaled by almost no one. He was well respected because he did not follow the guidelines set by the Pope and the Catholic Church. He took risks on how far Catholics would accept his beliefs. My favorite of all of his quotes, though, came from his Summa Theologica, written in 1273. He was speaking to one of his pupils, and he said, “Clearly the person who accepts the Church as an infallible guide will believe whatever the Church teaches.” I believe this quote showed his devotion to not just allow what people told him, but to find out the answers of God and his existence by himself. I now greatly respect Saint Thomas’ accomplishments and his teachings because they can be comprehended by the common man without studying his writings or papers. He has affected my life by showing me the truth in how God exists and the ways that I am able to support my beliefs without just claiming


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