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What’s Riding On Your Tires? In this advertisement created by Michelin, it is a clear picture of a baby and a tire standing upright behind it. The advertisement is titled, “Michelin, because so much is riding on your tires”, hence the baby. The purpose of this ad is to convince its audience to spend extra money to buy Michelin tires instead of the cheaper, less safe brands. For this ad the targeted audience would be drivers with families. In a more specification of the driver it would be drivers who are mothers. In the photo you notice that the baby is sitting in front of a Michelin tire with one hand resting in the middle of the tire. It seems as …show more content…

He captures the attention of the viewer more so than it would if it didn’t show him. Michelin is already a big brand so it can simply give credibility through the appearance of its very well-known icon.
Michelin provides five short finely written paragraphs to persuade the audience even more as if the photo of the baby and the catchy title weren’t already enough. At Michelin they are strongly fixed on the concept that tires are without a doubt “the most important piece of equipment that can be put on your car.” (DDB, 1985) For Michelin “making the best tires possible regardless of the cost, has become an obsession”. (DDB, 1985) By describing their effort in making their tires as an “obsession” creates the idea that they are overly confident of their productivity of their tires performance, thus enhancing the trustworthiness of the tire. Michelin continues to reassure the audience the time and effort they put into making their tires. At the end Michelin confirms that at first the tire may be expensive, but “you may find it, as many Michelin buyers do, they end up costing less to own.” (DDB, 1985)
To convey the message that mothers should pay more for Michelin tires because they are safer and more reliable pathos, logos, and ethos were used. Pathos uses the baby to touch the emotions of the targeted audience. Logos is used to convey the message that the buyers should willing to pay more for their tires because it is safe not only for


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