The Story ECE335 week 2 assignment

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The Story ECE 335 Children’s Literature Prof. Annie Zucker January 13, 2014

Story Map

The Way I Feel Author: Jannan Cain

For Preschoolers 3-5 years of age, I would use pictures from the book to help children see and associate the actual name with the feeling. I would help them understand the explicit theme of this
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This is accomplished through the use of literature, music, rhythmic wording, and visualization of real people expressing emotions.
This plan aligns directly with the NAEYC standards for language development which asks an educator to provide experiences for all children to acquire language naturally through interaction with adults and peers, through verbal and written means, through literature and storytelling, songs and finger plays, and through stimulating materials in a rich learning environment (NAEYC, 2010).These standards demonstrate an understanding of the functions in which children acquire language. They help you to provide experiences for children right where they are developmentally. You can use the visual materials and provide the language and vocabulary for nonverbal children like infants, for children in the silent phase of learning a second language or for special needs children, or you can allow more verbal children to give the vocabulary to you. Exposure to written language is also included as feeling cards and books are labeled with the word that represents the emotion. Books in languages other than English provide an opportunity for second language learners to hear and see the words in their native language as well (Piper, 2012).
Repetition of these activities and observations of social interaction, will allow a teacher to assess if the vocabulary has been added. The teacher can also remind children of the words when natural