Vaccinations: a Clear Benefit

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Vaccinations: A Clear Benefit
By: Julie Roberts
June 19, 2005

Vaccination: A Clear Benefit A clear definition of a vaccination is, "the generic term for immunization procedures. Immunization is a procedure whereby living or nonliving materials are introduced into the body…:" (Nosal, 1999) The concept that people who survive an infectious disease do not get the same disease again is the basis for the administering of vaccinations. Vaccines are normally given to healthy individuals for the prevention of diseases. Vaccines work by using a human host to provide a stimulus to the immune system. Immunization is used for viral and bacterial diseases. Rappuolli reports and predicts, "Vaccines will not only be used to prevent
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Serious complications from vaccinations occurred less than one time per one hundred thousand cases showing that serious adverse reactions are rare. The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine has relatively mild side effects such as a mild fever and tenderness at the injection site. Nossal concludes that since the side effects of vaccinations are mild, vaccines are generally safe. (1999) Vaccines have been proven safe through studies and trials for common systemic symptoms and local reactions. In rare instances more serious reactions have been reported. Convulsions occur in one out of every 2000-3000 cases and the possibility of a serious acute neurological illness has been raised to one per three hundred thousand. Rarely, abscess formations and arthritis have been reported due to vaccinations. The serious complications are reported less than one time in one hundred thousand. It should be noted that each serious case reported should be researched carefully on a case by case basis to determine other contributing factors. Education is an important factor to help promote vaccinations to prevent diseases. Sara Richards, who helps nurses cope with parental concerns over the recent changes in childhood vaccinations, reminds us that in today's society many parents have very little exposure or knowledge to the diseases that their children receive vaccinations for, therefore causing parents to


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