Unit 221 NVQ Business and Administration - Knowledge Questions

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1.1 - Identify different types of equipment and their uses The different types of equipment in the office are computer, fax machine, franking machine, photocopier, printer and scanner. The computer is used for the internet to find out needed information or emails. Work is also completed using Microsoft programs. The fax machine is used to send copies of documents or important information to other businesses. The franking machine prints postage stamps onto envelopes or stickers that are put onto parcels. The photocopier is used to copy documents and reprint them. The printer is used to print out copies of document s from the computer. The scanner is used to scan paper documents and put them onto the computer so …show more content…

2.5 – Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic Equipment needs to be kept clean to stop passing on germs and bugs. This keeps the workplace and staff in good health and condition. Cleaning equipment keep it in good condition and makes it last longer.

3.1 – Give examples of waste when using equipment

Waste print outs from the printer are common if work hasn't been checked over to assure that it is correct before printing.

When using the laminator cut offs are usually wasted if there is more than what is needed.

3.2 – Give examples of ways to reduce waste

Ways to reduce waste could be to recycle paper in the office, waste print outs could be used as scrap paper to make notes.

Envelopes could be reused internally to help reduce waste.

Recycling plastic cartons from the kitchen will help to reduce waste or even reusing cartons for storage.

3.3 – Explain the purpose of minimising waste The purpose of minimizing waste is to use the resources that are available and not use anymore than what is needed.

4.1 – Give examples of equipment problems

Computers can have many problems as part of the equipment used by staff. For example the internet may stop working, this wouldn't allow us to access emails or do research that is necessary.
If a computer stopped working by not turning on, this would prevent