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TeleGen and Global Case Study
Team development is a key for a success in any project venture. The skills mixture and cost are factor in team creation. TeleGen simulation focus on the functions of R&D, and revitalizing the R&D to improve a company’s situation, and to improve delivering switches to the company’s major clients. Moreover, motivation requires a sense of balance for communication, structures, and incentives. In the test case, there is motivation for Hewlett Packard and that is why they are around today.
Memo to TeleGen’s CEO
To: Richard Gehlen - CEO
From: Team A
CC: James Angleton-VPF, Margareth McLeod-VPHR, William
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Ideally the company would be able to offer a product that offers all improvements in all three of these areas but the current situation calls for a reduced size first and foremost. The ability to differentiate the product will also be a good first step in building brand quality in Japan, which is the second part of the solution. According to the Kent and Sussex Courier (2012) “Every business can build equity in their brand by molding their brand message around their target customers and emulating the right look and feel with their marketing” (p. 1). HP Singapore should study what the consumers in Japan are looking for in the printer within Japan to help build upon the innovation in the new Asian language printer and build brand equity.
Alternate Solution
The alternate solution for HP Singapore is to continue to just reduce manufacturing costs to try and get a product that is less expensive than the competition. The problem however with this solution is that it has proven to be difficult to reduce the manufacturing costs and still develop a quality product. The lower price could help increase demand for HP printers in the Japanese marketplace but the lower quality parts used to make the product could hurt the company’s brand in the market and make it more difficult in the future to do business in Japan. The recommended solution is


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