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Counceptualization and Treatment Plan

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The practice that assist a therapist in determining a client diagnosis and the proper treatment plan that would resolve the issue surrounding the clinet’s diagnosis is Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning. The clinet’s treatment plan must be appropriate and relational and this will alow any type of medication and adaptions to be adjusted if needed so that modifications and adaptations can be adjusted as needed (Altman, Briggs, Frankel, Gensler, and Pantone, 2002). The ultimate goal of case conceptualization and treatment planning is to discover complete findings in relation to the client. One approach is Existential Therapy. The human
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Roland embraces the anger and feeds the anger because if he does not, then he has to face the disappointment, the sadness, the hurt, the lonliness, the betrayal and pain. Roland refuses to feel any of these emotions and whenever any of these emotions begin to surface, Roland embraces anger instead. This anger that Roland chooses to embrace has made Roland feel like he no longer has freedom to be himself. He is beginning to feel as though life is meaningless.
In Roland’s current relationship, he feels as though he needs to hold on to Melisaa anyway he can. His feelings of existential isolation, lack of freedom, and insecurities causes an overwhelming fear that he might loss Melissa too and any time he is overcome by even a slight feeling of emotions similar to that of what his father has caused him tofeel, Roland becomes aggressive and filled with anger making his insecurities apparent. Although, Roland issues stem from where his father left him and barely spoke him throughout his entire life, Roland himself is intending on doing the same thing to his children.

Body (use the Name of your Chosen Theory here)
Below you will find the topics and structure you are required to include in your paper.

Presenting Concerns:
This part is summarized from your Case Summary emphasizing the problem areas. This should be no longer than 2 paragraphs. Be sure to


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