Transformed World View

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Transformed Worldview
Student Assignments - Week Four

Read Curtis, pages 131-155, and give written responses to questions 1 and 6 on page 152.

Study Questions for Curtis, Chapter 8, Page 152

1. Consider the farmer in Isa. 28:23-29, whose God-given knowledge of farming techniques comes through general revelation. Have you ever experienced anything similar? Have you ever learned how to do something through tradition, observation, experimentation, but believe the lessons come ultimately from God?

6. A friend tells you that she is struggling because her sociology (or psychology, or physics) professor is regularly saying things that conflict with her faith and, what troubles her even more, he seems
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3. What is the three-fold objective of God’s divine plan? o “Vindicate His rule and righteousness by showing sovereignty in judgment upon sin” o “Ransom and redeem His chosen people” o “Love and praise from His chosen people”
God seeks for man to glorify Him and when this isn’t done He becomes jealous. This causes judgment upon us and results in discipline and wrath, but also to restore us. (172)

Chapter 20, “Thou Our Guide” (pp.230-242).
What are the six pitfalls that Christians face as they are seeking the will of God? • Free will – God created us wise and to be thinkers. It’s a waste not to think and consider all options. • Planning ahead – We’re to think of the different options, and then choose what we think maybe best for that situation. • Selfishness -- we are so quick to place the blame and point fingers to everyone else but ourselves. • Testing the spirits – people are quick to accept advice from non-believers and make it sound like God’s will when it actually isn’t. • Pride – sets into our hearts and we cannot move to the advice someone gives us. • Patience – God doesn’t always move when we want Him to or think He should. We need to wait for His guidance. (237-238)

Study Questions for student guide article “The Significance of General Revelation to Our Understanding of God.”

1. What was a general supposition of theologians


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