The Village

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Isolation Social isolation refers to a lack of contact with members of one’s kind. In humans, it may be caused by a persistent withdrawal or avoidance of social contact or communication. It can contribute toward many emotional, behavioral and physical disorders including anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, addictions, substance abuse, and violence. In the film, The Village, written by M. Night Shyamalen, the villagers demonstrate the ritual view of communication throughout the entire movie. The Ritual View of Communication is composed up of a sense of belonging; a sense of understanding in the community, a version of reality, and language for what we want to be true and believe is real. The village was created, maintained, …show more content…

So they decided that they wanted to make up their own ways and rules. They wanted to be the voice of society and have no one stand in their way. They were tired of people bossing them around and wanted to start fresh. They didn’t want anyone to tell them what they can and cannot do. So they built their own society with their standards and beliefs. They didn’t want their children to end up in the same situations that they were in. Beaten, raped, and or in jail, the elders decided to end all of that and move away. The elders were trying to protect their friends and family but ended up producing this lie of a village. The Ritual View of Communication helps us understand this community and also gives us a better understanding of what it is. The Ritual View of Communication is not only shown in the movie, The Village, but it is also shown in certain aspects in our society we live in today. Everyone wants to have a sense of belonging in this world. No one wants to feel like an outsider; people like to feel loved. An outcast to society can be someone who is new, that person will be an outcast because society likes to go on with its old routine and not have to change it with someone new. Society doesn’t like to change and that’s one of the reasons the elders decided to make a change. A change that would effect their lives for


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