Ishmael Study Questions

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Chapter 1 1. How are people like severed fingers from a hand?
People are like severed fingers from a hand because they cannot function alone. They need their main component (the palm) to work correctly.

2. How are people not like severed fingers from a hand?
People are not like severed fingers from a hand because they are individuals with their own ideas and personalities; they need a ruler, but they don’t necessarily have to be controlled.

3. What does it mean for a teacher to fail?
If the student fails, the teacher fails. If the teacher cannot compel the student to do something, to use his own mind to solve a problem, then he has failed because the student was not successful.

4. How is being a captive similar to
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We believe we are doing it right at one time, but in another time, it turns out that we were completely wrong. The only way to know the right from the wrong is through knowledge of how we should live.

2. If you were a survivor of the crash at the end of the “Taker Thunderbolt” flight, what aspects of this civilization would you keep?
If I was a survivor, I would keep only what worked. In that case, the only thing that worked would be my body. With this knowledge, I know that I have to start over from scratch, but at least now I know what doesn’t work.
Chapter 7 1. How is the society of As, Bs, and Cs like our own? How is it like a Leaver society?
It is similar to our society because we follow an unspoken set of rules that everyone knows (Mother Culture) and we don’t question it. We simply follow it. This is similar to Leaver society because their lives are lived in cycles of hunt, gather, and leisure. There is a repetition to it that does not end because it is all they know and no one is willing to change it because they believe it is a practical way in which to live.

Chapter 8 1. Is there reason to believe that we are causing our civilization to fail and our species to become extinct, but that the Earth’s other species will go on?
Yes and no. Since we are crashing, we will undoubtedly drag others along with us. However, the world will keep spinning and evolution will continue as


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