Tombstone: Fact or Fiction

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Tombstone: Fact or Fiction?

Almost two decades ago, a film known as Tombstone was produced, featuring a star-studded cast. This action-packed western portrays the legendary feud between the Earp’s and the Clanton’s. For the most part I believe it to be a respectable movie containing a powerful storyline. This film portrays the life and times of the famous cowboy, Wyatt Earp, focusing on what led to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Tombstone provides a mixture of both fact and fiction, however I believe this film to be mainly accurate. After seeing this particular film, I have resulted in finding some of the accurate and incorrect scenes and facts. Just to name a couple of the films inaccuracies are the misleading facts about the
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Josephine was originally in a relationship with John Behan. It is said that Behan proposed, however she declined (Marks 159). Josephine finally left Behan after he became involved in a serious relationship with another woman. Soon thereafter, Josephine and Wyatt quickly began to fall in love with each other. At this time, Wyatt was still married to his second wife, Mattie Blaylock. In the beginning, Mattie was unaware of Wyatt's affair with Josephine. However, before long, she realized that there was something going on between the two. On several occasions the two women got into heated arguments over Wyatt (Boyer 184). After Morgan Earp was murdered, Mattie headed to California with Virgil Earp. She was expecting Wyatt to send for her, however he remained with Josephine and never returned to Mattie (Boyer 233). Josephine and Wyatt eventually married each other and remained together for the rest of their lives. There is little known about the outlaw Curly Bill Brosius, however what we do know is generally portrayed accurately in Tombstone. The actions about the death of City Marshal Fred White were accurately portrayed. On the night of October 28, 1880, a drunk Curly Bill was walking through the town shooting at things. For that reason, White went to disarm him. Curly Bill complied, presenting his gun barrel first. However, when White tried to take the gun, it when off causing him to get shot. As a result, he


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