Workplace Bullying

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Workplace Bullying
Angela Barbato
BUS 600 Management
Professor Frank Bucaria
February 8, 2014

Workplace bulling is abusive behavior that creates an intimidating and uncomfortable work environment that affects another person or persons safety or well-being (Qualia Soup, 2014). The article Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable by Wiedmer, T.L. (2011) discusses work place bullying and its effects on productivity and the work environment.
Workplace bulling is malicious behavior by a person or group of people that causes others to be uncomfortable, fearful, and sometimes threatened. Ultimately, it affects the person’s ability to be productive. As stated in the article, bullying can take
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The lack of respect he felt and the way his health was declining forced him to speak to Susan’s superiors regarding her behavior. Unfortunately, her superiors chose to make excuses for her behavior and ignored the proof that Mike provided. Mike’s productivity and health continued to decline. Eventually, Mike decided that his well-being was more important than a paycheck and he resigned from his position. It was a loss to the company because Mike was a valuable employee that had to be replaced by two people to perform his same job functions. Hiring the replacement employees ended up costing the organization double the amount of Mike’s salary and they are less productive.
Because bullying can have effects on both employees and a company’s return on investment, organizations must have policies in place that describe what an acceptable work environment is and what behaviors will and will not be tolerated. Polices must be put in place regarding punishment of intolerable behavior. Disciplinary and legal consequences should be clearly stated. Documentation of workplace policy and procedures should be defined and accessible to all employees. It should be part of training i.e. new employee orientation to ensure all employees are given the policies to review (Wiemer, T.L., 2011).
Another tool employers can put in place is a resource where bulling activities can be reported. The resource should be available for


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