Fractal Time

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In his book, first published in 2009, 'Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age’, Gregg Braden gave wonderful clues into what we would expect to occur in our world and universe by the year 2012. Though years have passed since the first publication of the book, the information in the book remains relevant to us today. Gregg labours to elaborate how it is possible to read the past in order to discover what the future holds for us in our world and universe, and amazingly, even in our personal lives and relationships. This paper is written in order to analyse the Fractal Time book to find out what practical lessons we can pick from it. Personal views on how to apply the concepts presented in
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Furthermore, in chapter four, Gregg reveals how history has the tendency to repeat in love and war and how we can take these to be our fractal warnings for the future. He gives a short description of how history has repeated itself and explains these historical patterns of such events. He also adds that patterns identified for an earlier time in history tend to repeat themselves with greater intensity at later dates. It is deduced, therefore, that having this knowledge of cycles allows us to pinpoint times in the future when we can expect to see the repeating conditions of the past. In the sixth chapter, ‘The End of Time Revised: What We Can Expect,’ the author explains how by using the time code template we can see that the human, earth, and celestial conditions of today are in the same range as the key reference dates of the past. He mentions what at this point, in reference to the past world ages, we can expect to see. By the use of the Time Code Calculator, the following is what he says we can expect to see in our world and in the universe: a magnetic intensity for the earth between 5.5 and 10.5 on the VADM scale; no indication of a 180 – degree polar reversal; an increase of global temperatures for 1-2 degrees C; a sharp increase in the amount of radiant energy that Earth receives from the sun; the melting of the polar ice and collapse of the ice caps; and lastly on civilisation status, multiple wars, collapsing


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