The Seventeenth National Bank

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SECTION I: CASE OVERVIEW Seventeenth National Bank is competitive bank, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, which employs 600-700 people. Its data processing department acts a small service bureau and is currently doing computer processing for four banks other than Seventeenth National. Even though, one of the four banks has notified Seventeenth National that it intends not to renew their contract because they feel is it less costly for them to handle it in-house, the three remaining banks generate enough revenue to offset costs of doing its own computer processing. Additionally, one of the remaining three banks is very small, but is well known, so Seventeenth National uses its name to attract new business. The bank …show more content…

However, interruptions occur constantly. As a result, programmers oftentimes bring their work home in order to have a higher degree of concentration and focus. The programming department is very ‘standards’ oriented and the standards are set very high, they are very clear and can be measured quite accurately. Programmers are given reviews every six months to determine whether they are eligible for a pay raise or promotion. Conversely, no raise and possible discharge if their performance is continues to be less than satisfactory are penalties programmers may face. Meeting deadlines and high quality of work are a must to maintain satisfactory performance and be eligible for incentives, which are in the form of rewards. The current concerns of the bank President are: is the department organized as well as it should be and what should the structure of Seventeenth National Bank look like 2 years and 5 years from now, to accommodate the projected bank growth and department growth? The processing department manager is looking for direction on whether he should focus on “managing the organization” issues, “managing the people” issues or both. SECTION II: STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The problems that we found in the case that greatly affected the data processing department were: 1) the organizational structure of the data processing department, specifically the structure of the programming division 2) efficiency in finishing


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