The Namesake

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The Namesake

A Bengali girl named Ashima partakes in a marriage arranged to Ashoke Ganguli. After the ceremony the new couple left India to move to the United States where Ashoke has started to build a new life. They were going to face the cultural differences together, as one. For Ashima, this was difficult. Her new husband had to earn a living to support the two of them so she often found herself home alone. Not knowing the English language or culture at that became very depressing for her she felt lonely and lost. After a while the couple gave birth to a baby boy. Ashoke makes the decision to call his newborn, Gogol, after a Russian author. Later his American name becomes Nicky. The happy parents later give
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They are very to themselves. This made the journey of getting to know your husband and feel safe extremely long.
Their first child Gogol was raised in their home with their traditions. When he was old enough to be in school he refused to be spoken to by his American name. he insisted on being called Gogol. This made him feel safe, his parents were not able to teach him the new American culture because they were slowly learning themselves. Therefore, Gogol was not prepared to live the life of an American child. He goes through a rebellion where he is not accepting of his family culture and does his own thing; he tries to live as everyone else his age was. He was going through identity crisis. He was trying to find himself his whole life. Until his father died did he realize how much eh was connected to his Indian roots. The movie was not what I expected, I intended on being bored out of my mind, I quickly found myself hooked on the story line. Its very interesting to look at life a different way. I take for granted how easy life is. I sometimes forget what struggles other people must go through to try and get by. It broke my heart to see that their mailbox had been vandalized while they were away. Gogol took offence to it but the parents easily brushed it off. This shows how affected the children are to coping with being an


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