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Term Paper: Redesigning Security Operations

1 Identify what you perceive to be the five (5) most concerning threats to the network, computing environment, and the database operations of the company
Data security Threats:
Data face many threats in various forms which can accessed by unauthorized people who can misuse it and can damage the company. Here is the series of potential risks and attacks which the data could face:
Data tempering: for the data to be more mores secure t is essential that it should not be modifies or viewed by anyone .in the environment some external parties can perpetrate the data by intercepting in the transit and could changes some parts of that data before it is retransmitting.
.Data theft: for the
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4 The security defense mechanisms that you would utilize in order to secure communications from floor to floor in the office space, including equipment and physical controls

Security Mechanism: thus the major purpose of the security mechanisms to provide the solution to the changes that occur because of change of security
Physical Security: it refers to the limited access to any network by controlling all the resources which are locked and protected from the natural and human made disasters. Thus this kind of mechanism also help the network to protect form the misuse of information or by untrained employees and contractors.
Authentication: it defines that who the use is sending the request to particular software or websites. the authentication is based on three following elements * The something which the user knows * Something which the user has * Something which the user is
Authorization: it refers to threat who is controlling the newer resources and kit suggest that authorization grants some privilege to users and it is the duty of network administrator to make the control of network .Authorization is varied from user to user but


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