The Kite Runner Marxist Lense Paper

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In the book The Kite Runner, original social status is proven to create barriers in life regarding the aspects of friendship, mindset, and adaptation to change as we observe Baba’s and Amir’s life journeys in order to discover how it affects these aspects. Amir’s friendship with his hazara servant’s son Hassan takes a sudden toll as he ultimately comes to believe that traditional and historical beliefs outweighed true friendship as he was a young child. The mindset of Baba does not adjust when he and Amir are forced to move to America, as he still believes he possesses the same amount of power as he did in Afghanistan. While living in America, Baba never fully adapts to the American culture and way of life as he continues to live and …show more content…

Throughout his whole life Baba’s mindset does not endure any change as he continues to possess the same mentality and way of thinking as he did when he was a wealthy businessman in Afghanistan. Alongside the materialistic aspect of his mindset, Baba also proves to continue treating certain people the certain way he had practiced in Afghanistan. General Taheri, one of Baba’s friends who is a decorated general back in Kabul, who owns a modest house and lives a comfortable life in America. Although the general does not have the status as he did back in the Middle East, Baba’s mentality does not allow him to change the way he acts around him. As well Baba expected everyone around him to give him a certain amount of respect, as he still believes he is in the same upper social class as he was back home. As you can see, growing up and practicing a specific mindset for an extended period of time, limits the possibility of being able to change your mindset, as we see how Baba’s way of thinking remains the same.
Baba was never able to adapt to the American society well, as he continued to live life with the attitude and appearance as he did back in Afghanistan. Although Baba worked at a gas station, which even nowadays is not a very high paid prestigious job, he continued to wear a suit every day to work. Although Baba was aware that he should and could