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This proposal aims for getting approval from headquarter to hold the event – “Cool-EST phenomena” as part of the “B-EST” marketing campaign. The purpose of the event is to obtain significant attention in the soft drink market as a new player and to make an impact on customers’ mind, thus boost sales performance of our new product – EST Cola.
This event focuses on getting consumer’s responses and communicating with them. In order to target on our main target customers range from 20-30, one of the marketing strategies to be used is celebrity endorsement. Through this, we want to create an energetic atmosphere which align with our marketing strategy and contribute to our brand image. The format of funfair is selected to
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After public vote, the top 5 teams can enter the final round and have a chance to perform on the stage of “Cool-EST phenomena”. The Stylish-EST Champion will be selected by both professional judges and the general participants. The prize will be ฿100,000, ฿50,000 and ฿30,000 for the top 3 teams respectively.
Cool-EST Mini Concert
This is the key component of the event. The length of the concert is around 3 hours.The singers are invited to present their production and albums solely and sing the theme chorus together. After each session of concert, there will be games to let audiences participate on the stage with some souvenirs from celebrities and EST Cola and have photo time with celebrities on the stage.
Lucky-EST Everyone Draw
During the event, we will have a lucky draw to increase the traffic in the event. The activity idea is when the participants buy EST Cola, they will get a lucky draw coupon. They can fill in their personal information and put in the Lucky-EST box to join the draw. The more the participants drink, the higher the chance of getting the prize. The prize includes 1 troy oz. gold necklace, 10 “Meet& Greet with the Stars”, and 10 “Happy-EST souvenir packs”.
Cool-EST Trip in Iceland Draw Press Conference
In the event, we will introduce a new campaign to the public for the first time. A cool-EST Iceland trip is a post-event activity which people


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